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jonathan wong :: photo by david huang
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the 400 boys bring together the sound design and compositional influence of amateur sonic laboratory (peter wong) with the space rock twee driven guitar genius of colorcombine (jonathan wong). his ebay purchased ultimate reverb unit and special tuning method round out the harshness of voidcore and the real-time nature of the instrument incorporates the imprecision and spontaneity that bring life to live music.

the mission of the 400 boys is to allow their listeners to succumb to their own desire for internal peace by creating soothing seas of sound to rock them gently into submission.

this is music for the loner, the marginalized, the intoxicated.

peter wong :: photo by david huang

here is the first track not recorded on MD by the group called "400 boys," named after the mayan gods of the drink. the 400 boys is comprised of the collaboration between amateur sonic laboratory and colorcombine, which are me and my brother jonathan. the material herein is copyright 2002-2003 peter and jonathan wong. take a listen...


400 boys made their debut in the 2003 APAture arts festival. though the actual performance didn't necessarily meet the performers' standards, the audience seemed to like it much more than we expected. soon we'll have available a d.i.y. single of the recorded version of the piece (pending). as of now, there are two files of different bitrates showcasing the performance in mp3 format. follow the link to the right -->

400 boys APAture 2003 performance
on stage by jesse keyes and david huang

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