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amateur sonic laboratory is the equipment, the idea, the process, the filter, and the mind of peter wong and of those who do not collaborate with him under another name. it is the primary outlet for voidcore, and (nearly) anything produced therein/by/with shall be branded as such.

what you hear here is the product of the filtration of my being in this reality. it is the coffee that has dripped through the fine metal grate of my soul, the manifestation of my futile preconditioned and undesired need to make an attempt at immortality. these are the sounds that set everything straight. when my headphones blare this aural data that stretches my eyes the world seems less daunting, its complexity no longer too big to hold in the sparse melon of my head.

when these pieces are made, i have only a vague idea what they will sound like, but as they come through my hands, i begin to feel what their shape must be, and what i feel surprises me. there are sounds in them i never knew existed, and all it takes is the surrender of attention to find more each time.

i hope you have fun joining me in these journeys, temporally dephased, and i hope they ecourage proper flow through your filter.


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'09 bone break xrays

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