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filter sifted sounds

::this album was compiled especially for sale at APAture 2003, but it is a fair representation of what i was up to musically between 2001 and 2003. the color cover is the 2006 re-release for various people, promotional attempts, and for sale on cdbaby (i've removed the black&white version, as the color has become the definitive edition).

::variations on a musicbox is based on the melody of a small musicbox i bought at a stationary and junk store, whose barrel i flipped around, and a few of whose knobs i filed off to tailor it to my tastes. the original melody was an excerpt from 'romeo and juliet.'

::track 4 and track 8 were made for soundtracks to short films. cityscape and nightlife was intended for rus blemker's film Ante Meridien, and texas kcbs was for tasha espinoza's horror flick on 16mm called "possessed". i've only seen the first of these two films.

::random input and canadian e are meant to be heard as a pair, and were used as the soundtrack to a film of my own, which amounts to a video self portrait. pentalea desynchronized is the short unsynchonized version of the soundtrack to an earlier video self portrait, both films of which were school projects.

::the airwaves in 3 movements features erica nakamura on guitar, heavily edited and manipulated.

::missing peace is a re-performance of an older piece that predates the peace and stress ep. it's companion piece, caffeine+codeine may or may not be featured for download in the unreleases section.

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