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composition notes

mood/scene creation in missing peace [2000]
"missing peace" is an example of an emotional sound sculpture. it is about homesickness, thus, the missing piece of the family is missing his or her peace. it attempts to tell a story of a particular kind of homesickness, one most hopeless, that of an interstellar slow-ship passenger. rumbling bass suggests the interminable engines and lazy electronic melodic loops imply the slow drag of an infinity of travel time. the voice characterization is meant to suggest an interstellar voice mail, likely received long after the sender's death, on an infinite loop through space. the entire speech leads up to a moment, the microphone is jostled and the speaker turns away, calling "momma..." in a familiar tone of voice and with an utter mundanity that to me encapsulates the entire emotion. then enters the throat-singing loop, which suggests the pain and love pouring out of the listener, the helplessness to change the distance, the disbelief that the speaker is gone so long as the message loops in space.

the piece started from the skrtchy_lazy loop, a small snippet taken from a sound file with an end-of-file error, which allowed the wave editor i was using to render as sound adjacent fragments of other files (i suspect these noises are what corrupted some irreplaceable files). it had such a melody that it transported me somewhere far away and lonely, and the mood of the piece was solidified. it brought to mind the sound of rustling of clothes and bumping of a mic, and a calling out to another person at the speaker's end, the voice almost out of range of the mic. so i had to seek to create that, and the mood that fit called for a father giving recorded advice to his son whom he's missed seeing off for the last time, trying to impart a lifetime of wisdom in thirty seconds of warbly tape. i improvised the speech, pitched it higher, and finally ran it with itself backwards to obscure it a little more. the other notable sample from the first part (the message part of the piece) is a sample from noise21, a much earlier piece i recorded under the name 'anleth.' it has been a favorite of my older brother's and the sample i used is a corrupted mp3 conversion of that piece from back before your computer just came with an mp3 converter. it's almost completely obscured by compression artifacts, and it's significance as a piece of family lore and its utter degradation through the failed conversion fit the mood perfectly as well, and so it figures into the message portion as an abstraction of the speech. the second part is the digestion portion, as the listener, presumably the intended receiver of the message, rides the wave of feelings produced by the message. i tried to convey this with a forlorn improvised melody that i throat-sang, pitched down two octaves, and ran through a lot of distortion.
adrift in interstellar space, sublight speed, alone

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