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about the amazing exciting 3MB website

up until the turn of the 21st century (through the end of the year 2000 by this narrative's reckoning), PacBell was offering along with its DSL service a whopping 3MB of webspace, anything in excess incurring charges. while even in these dark times two floppies' worth of data could hardly have been considered generous, i got to thinking of how many school papers i was able to fit on a single floppy, and how many hours of sweat and pain could therefore be said to be held within one. could i possibly create something within these limitations that put content over design complexity? i set forth to find out.

time has passed, and though my design skills have scarcely progressed, pacbell has been consumed by another conglomerate, which in turn has itself been consumed. the free webspace service was discontinued some nine years or so ago, and my DSL account disconnected more than three years ago.

however, deep under the corporate radar, nestled in the glowing depths of a server in the bowels of a building of fickle ownership, there still exists an ownerless set of files. they can no longer be edited or amended. they are my time capsule.

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